Things to Do | Wonder of the Seas | Royal Caribbean Cruises (2024)


Ditch the same-old neighborhood playground for a bolder way to explore. The Wonder Playscape℠ is studded with slides, climbing walls, games and puzzles where adventurers of all ages can discover an underwater world with endless possibilities


Soak up the sun, chill in the shade, get your adrenaline fix, or grab a co*cktail from the two- story poolside bar The Lime & Coconut℠. And for the ultimate pool day upgrade, reserve one of our private poolside casitas.


Step to the edge, peer into the darkness and take the plunge 10 stories down the tallest slide at sea, Ultimate Abyss℠ — if you're brave enough. Or take on the twisting, turning, adrenaline-pumping waterslide trio The Perfect Storm℠.

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The biggest ship in the world is bringing the boldest bites at sea, with craveable dining concepts and a best of the best array of returning favorites — whether you're doing date night, taking your taste buds on tour, or fueling up between thrills.


In the South, food is meant to soothe the soul. Enter The Mason Jar℠ Southern Restaurant & Bar, reinventing Low Country classics, Bayou staples, and bold BBQ. Supper stokes that gather ’round vibe with live country music and dishes both craveworthy and comforting. Like creole-style Lobster ’n Crawfish Gumbo and Gran’s Fried Chicken. Meanwhile, the brunch menu brims with breakfast dishes that could pass for dessert. Try a tastebud-teasing Sweet-Tooth Cinnamon Roll or savory southern Chicken ’n Waffles.


Your favorite grab-and-go spot for tacos, burritos and quesadillas has been kicked up a notch. Enter Cantina Fresca℠— the festive bar at El Loco Fresh® serving up the boldest Mexican co*cktails at sea. Savor the spice with the can’t-miss Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita on the rocks. Or go for your favorite margarita flavor with choices like strawberry, mango and passion fruit. And for the first time ever, enjoy a variety of refreshing agua frescas available all day long.


High above the sea, Vue Bar℠ is your ultimate escape. Sip on your favorite vacation co*cktails as you soak up a picture-perfect panorama wherever you look. And when the sun sets, the mosaic canopy comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colors.



Less nightlife and more night of your life — from entertainment that sets the bar way high, tobars serving co*cktails you’ll have to sip to believe in settings where every moment ismemorable.

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The shows onboard set a high-water mark for entertainment at sea — starting with the AquaTheater featuring 30-foot diving platforms, stunning ocean views, a dramatic backdrop and 137,000 gallons of water. Or head to Music Hall for a front row view of cover bands that rock like the real thing.

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Max out the hits at Spotlight℠ Karaoke, where all eyes, and ears, are on you. Whether you've mastered the art of show tunes or shower tunes, belt it out on the main stage with a dedicated MC or host your own show in one of two private rooms onboard.


activities & shows

( )

Shopping Retail’s in reach with boutiques and your favorite name brands
AquaTheater Shows Get acquainted with the edge of your seat at the AquaTheater
inTENse Awe-inspiring athleticism and mesmerizing technology —only on Wonder of the Seas℠.
365: The Seasons On Ice Watch in awe as the world revolves around you during a heartfelt and spectacular display of planetary phenomena.
Ice Skating Shows Go from a day at the beach to a night on the ice rink.
Voices Sync up your senses when world-class singers and dancers take the stage for an Intimate Performance on a Grand Scale.
Zip Line See the ship over nine decks above the Boardwalk® on the Zip Line
FlowRider® Score prime waves all day every day on the FlowRider® surf simulator.
Sports Court Play 3-on-3 with an ocean view at the Sports Court
Arcade Play the classics and modern faves at the Royal Caribbean® Arcade
Ultimate Abyss℠ Take the plunge on the tallest slide at sea - the Ultimate Abyss℠.
Carousel Family fun takes a nostalgic turn on the handcrafted carousel
Wonder Playscape℠ A whole new way to explore and discover an underwater-themed world full of fun
Typhoon℠ and Cyclone℠ Grab a friend and race down The Perfect Storm℠ twin waterslides Typhoon℠ and Cyclone℠.
Adventure Ocean® The new Adventure Ocean® youth program is designed to ignite the imagination.
Teen Spaces The vibe is always on at this off-the-grid.
Art Auctions Bid on bold masterpieces at an action-packed onboard art auction.
Supercell℠ Swirl through a champagne bowl funnel in Supercell℠, part of The Perfect Storm℠, the boldest waterslides at sea.
Card Room Delve into your favorite card and board games at the Card Room
Fitness Classes Cutting edge equipment, the latest classes,and an ocean view
The Perfect Storm℠ Soak up the thrills on all The Perfect Storm℠, the boldest waterslides at sea.
Solarium Enjoy adults-only ambiance a the Solarium
Mini Golf Enjoy mini golf with maximum fun
Art Collection Browse and buy original art from our curated collection
Comedy Club Catch standup comedy with big city style at Comedy Live
Rock Climbing Wall Rock out on the Rock Climbing Wall for full-scale adventure
Splashaway Bay℠ An aqua park that's cool, colorful and all kinds of crazy
Ice Skating Lace up your skates and take a spin on the only rinks at sea
Pickleball Get hooked on pickleball, the new trendy sport for everyone.
The Silent Party Put your headphones on and dance like no one’s listening. Literally.



( )

Windjammer Dive into a world of delicious at the Windjammer.
Johnny Rockets® Jitterbug over to Johnny Rockets for shakes, burgers and fries
Dog House Load up your dog any way you like at Dog House.
Wonderland Get ready for a meal that goes far beyond ordinary.
Chops Grille℠ A classic American steakhouse where every dish is prime perfection.
Solarium Bistro Restaurant Help yourself to healthy, flavorful fare that takes you from Italy to the Aegean.
Room Service Dial up delicious in-room dining day or night to enjoy paired with comfort and privacy.
Café Promenade Satisfy your cravings all day — and night — at this round-the-clock fleet favorite.
Starbucks® Get your coffee fix with all your go-to Starbucks® picks onboard.
Sorrento's Pizza Enjoy a slice of perfection at Sorrento’s.
Coastal Kitchen Savor flavors that take you from Sonoma to Sardinia at Coastal Kitchen.
Park Cafe Food that’s fast, fresh and flavorful.
Vitality Café Feed your appetite with great-tasting fare that’s good for you, too, at Vitality Café.
150 Central Park Locally sourced and well worth savoring.
El Loco Fresh® Fresh. Fast. Authentic. Go wild for El Loco Fresh®.
The Mason Jar℠ Gather ‘round for comforting southern cuisine and all your favorite fixin’s — take a look.
Hooked Seafood℠ If you are looking for the freshest seafood, Hooked Seafood is the ultimate catch.
Sugar Beach℠ Bask in all your favorite sweets at Sugar Beach℠.
Main Dining Room In the Main Dining Room, every course is craveworthy.


bars & lounges

( )

Schooner Bar Come for a co*cktail, stay for a song at this lively late-night spot.
Trellis Bar Enjoy your favorite drinks in Central Park®.
Boleros Pair your mojito with some live merengue at Boleros.
Rising Tide Bar Toast to a great getaway as you glide between decks at the Rising Tide Bar.
Solarium Bar Savor all your favorite co*cktails at this tranquil poolside retreat.
Suite Lounge This lounge serves up serenity with a twist of lime.
Bionic Bar® Let robot bartenders code the perfect co*cktail for you.
Wipe Out Bar Follow up your surf lesson with a sip session.
English Pub Laughs, libations, and live music served here.
Cantina Fresca℠ Enjoy the boldest Mexican co*cktails at sea all day long.
Vue Bar℠ High above the sea, Vue Bar offers refreshing drinks and awe-inspiring views on deck.
Things to Do | Wonder of the Seas | Royal Caribbean Cruises (2024)


What is special about Wonder of the Seas? ›

From endless onboard thrills to gourmet globetrotting and top-notch shows, Wonder of the Seas® surprises with thrills and wow-worthy experiences at every turn. Like The Perfect Storm℠ waterslide trio and a zip line 10 decks high. Or SplashawayBay℠ aqua park, where kids have gallons of fun.

What is the best show on Wonder of the Seas? ›

Aqua show was great as on all the ships. We cruise a lot, and the Ice Show on Wonder was the best we have ever seen. We did not enjoy Voices as it was super distracting with all the background stuff going on. But the entertainment over all was good.

What is the entertainment on the Wonder of the Seas? ›

Nightlife on Wonder of the Seas

You can dance all night in Bolero's, sing karaoke to your heart's content at Spotlight Karaoke, or take in one of the many live musical acts interspersed throughout the ship's public rooms -- not to mention the evening performances in Studio B or the Aquatheater.

How do you not get bored on a cruise ship? ›

Take Advantage of the Programming

Since cruise lines don't want you to be bored any more than you do, they fill up days at sea with a variety of activities from trivia sessions and lectures to arts and crafts and dance lessons. The more you participate, the faster your days pass. But don't forget to mix it up a bit.

What is not included on Wonder of the Seas? ›

Not included in the cruise fare are: soda, wine, beer, liquor, co*cktails, premium coffee and tea (such as Starbucks®), bottled water and fresh-squeezed juices. You can choose to pay as you go or purchase a beverage package.

How many swimming pools are in Wonder of the Seas? ›

Wonder of the Seas measures 1,188 feet (362 m) in length and has a gross tonnage of 236,857 across 18 decks. This ship accommodates 5,734 passengers at double occupancy or up to a maximum of 6,988 passengers, as well as a 2,300 crew. There are 16 decks for guest use, 20 restaurants, four pools and 2,867 cabins.

Is there an ice show on Wonder of the Seas? ›

A spin through the seasons

Take a spin through summer, fall, winter and spring in our newest ice show on Wonder of the Seas℠. lanet Earth showcases its full range of magnificence every year during its orbit around the sun.

Is there a Broadway show on the Wonder of the Seas? ›

What is this? No, there is not a Broadway show on Wonder of the Seas and Royal Caribbean has made no indication one is coming.

What is the number 1 cruise ship Wonder of the Seas? ›

In service
RankShip nameCruise line
1Icon of the SeasRoyal Caribbean International
2Wonder of the Seas
3Symphony of the Seas
33 more rows

Does Wonder of the Seas have bumper cars? ›

The ship offers new unprecedented features, such as RipCord by iFLY, the first skydiving experience at sea; the North Star, an engineering marvel that transports guests more than 300 feet above the ocean; SeaPlex, the largest indoor sports and entertainment complex at sea with bumper cars, roller skating and more; as ...

Do you pay for food on Wonder of the Seas? ›

Free Restaurants on Wonder of the Seas

Menus change daily, and cruisers can select whether they would like early, late, or anytime dinner seating options. This is where all the standard cruise staples -- escargot, shrimp co*cktail, steak and lobster on select nights -- can be found.

Does Wonder of the Seas have mini golf? ›

Wonder Dunes, where you can tee up under the sun or stars for an immersive, story- based mini golf journey like nothing you've played before. The fleet-favorite FlowRider®* surf simulator. And the twisting, turning, fun-drenched thrills of The Perfect Storm℠ waterslide trio.

How can I sleep better on a cruise ship? ›

Bring your pillow or pillowcase. The right support from a familiar pillow, and the right feel from your own pillowcase, can help you drop right off to sleep. Bring sound machines or fans from home. These not only drown out extraneous noise, but can also provide a familiar environment in which to rest.

How do I make my cruise more fun? ›

How to Make Your Cruise Vacation More Fun
  1. Indulge in Onboard Entertainment. From Broadway-style productions to live poolside music, a world of entertainment awaits you on board every Princess ship. ...
  2. Make Use of the Kid's Club. ...
  3. Partake in Immersive Activities. ...
  4. Savor Local Flavors. ...
  5. Embark on Shore Excursions.

Is it hard to sleep on a cruise ship? ›

In addition to being queasy due to the motion of the ship, your stomach churns and your head aches, thus preventing you from nodding off. It can be a terrifying prospect, but there are ways to prevent this.

Which is better Wonder of the Seas or Symphony of the Seas? ›

While it has an additional neighborhood, 100 extra cabins, a redesigned pool deck, and a stunning waterpark called the Wonder Playscape, Wonder of the Seas is almost exactly the same size as Symphony of the Seas and has a similar entertainment and dining offerings.

What class of ship is the Wonder of the Seas? ›

Wonder of the Seas® brings even bigger adventures to the award-winning Oasis Class.

Is Wonder of the Seas still the biggest cruise ship? ›

I felt as if I were in a small town in the middle of the ocean. At the time of my sailing, Wonder of the Seas was the largest cruise ship in the world. Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas took over the title in January 2024.

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