🇮🇹These Are The Top 3 Rising Destinations In Italy For 2024: Where To Go & When To Visit (2024)

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The three trendiest destinations in Italy right now are not the places you might expect.

You won't find Rome, Florence, or Venice on the list of the fastest-growing destinations in Italy.

Based on a recent study, there are three particular regions of Italy that are rising to the top for tourism in 2024.

Many of these regions are already popular among Italians but remain under the radar for Americans and other foreign tourists.

Below you'll find out what the trendiest destinations in Italy are, plus tips for the best time to visit.

Overall, this year is expected to be a record-setting one for tourism in Italy, but the following destinations are predicted to see the most growth.

1. Sardinia

The destination in Italy that's rising the fastest right now is Sardinia.

This large island in the Mediterranean has long been a popular summer escape for Italians, but it's just beginning to be discovered by American travelers.

Sardinia is home to some of the top beaches in all of Europe, with Tuerreda Beach being named among the best. While it's primarily a beach destination, there are other things to do in Sardinia, including hiking and discovering the island's small towns and villages.

Basically, this is the perfect destination for beach bums and nature lovers!

Since Sardinia is a popular summer destination, I recommend avoiding it during the peak months of July and August. The best time to visit Sardinia for lower crowds is late September and even early October.

At this time of year, the sea is still warm enough to swim in after being heated during the long, hot summer, but the majority of the crowds have gone.

2. Puglia

Another trending destination in Italy right now is Puglia.

If you look at a map of the country, Puglia is the heel of the boot of Italy.

This southern region is less visited by foreign tourists mainly because it's not as well connected by trains as the larger cities.

Renting a car is your best bet for exploring Puglia, but it's worth it!

This underrated region has gorgeous beaches as well as beautiful historical towns like Alberollo, famous for its trulli, whitewashed stone houses with cone-shaped roofs.

Puglia is the number one vacation destination in Italy for Italians themselves, so it's hardly a hidden gem — you just won't find many American tourists there yet.

Much like Sardinia, I would recommend waiting until the fall to visit Puglia for far fewer crowds and milder weather since summer can be scorching. May is also a lovely time to visit.

3. Campania

Finally, Campania is another region in Italy that is expected to grow in popularity this year.

Campania is a region in southern Italy, and its largest city is Naples.

You're probably already familiar with another famous destination in Campania: the Amalfi Coast.

This stunning stretch of coastline is a coveted destination among travelers, known for its beautiful cliffside villages, great beaches, and dramatic vistas.

Although the Amalfi Coast is gorgeous, it's very expensive. I personally prefer the underrated island of Ischia, a one-hour ferry ride from Naples.

When is the best time to visit Campania?

It depends on where you're going. Naples is a large city with over a million people, so it's a year-round destination, along with nearby Pompeii, which is a popular day trip.

On the Amalfi Coast and islands like Ischia, Capri, and Procida, summer is peak season, and during the winter many hotels, restaurants, and shops close.

I recommend visiting in late May to beat the summer crowds or waiting until after they've dissipated and coming during mid to late September.

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🇮🇹These Are The Top 3 Rising Destinations In Italy For 2024: Where To Go & When To Visit (2024)


What is the number one attraction in Italy? ›

1. Colosseum. For travelers making their way through Italy, the Colosseum is a must see. This huge Amphitheater is the largest of its kind ever built by the Roman Empire and has remained a model for sports facilities right up to modern times.

What is the best city to visit in Italy for the first time? ›

1. Rome: Italy's best place to visit for history-loving first timers. Thousands of years after Rome's mythical founding by the brothers Romulus and Remus, it's nearly impossible to navigate the city's venerable streets without reminders of the city's deep history.

How far in advance should you plan a trip to Italy? ›

If you wait too long to book your flight to Italy and you book close to the time you want to go, there might be a spike in prices due to high demand! Sure, sometimes it's possible to get a good deal at the last minute, but it's best not to count on it. Book early – at least six months out is best.

What is the top 3 of Italy? ›

The best way to get a taste of Italy is to be sure to include the “Big Three” on your Italian Trip – Rome, Venice, and Florence. These three cities have been and always will be Italy's most popular tourist spots, each offering something unique for those who take a trip to Italy.

Where should my first trip to Italy be? ›

Must-visit destinations for a first trip

Any first trip to Italy should at least include Rome, Florence, and Venice. Lots of people will tell you that all three cities are over touristed and full of tourist traps. They're right! However, they are three of the most wonderful cities in the world.

How to decide where to go in Italy? ›

For those hoping for a fashionable city break, a ski trip or a lake visit, head north. Those ready for a little adventure and sunshine should consider the south or one of Italy's many islands. If you simply can't decide, plan trips to both regions.

What is the cheapest month to travel in Italy? ›

“Aside from winter travel, shoulder season (March through May and September through November) is known for cheap Italy deals,” he shared. If you can hold out until the end of the spring shoulder season, you'll be rewarded with pleasant temperatures in the mid to high 70s across the country, according to WeatherSpark.

How many days in Italy is enough? ›

Landscapes, cuisine, and dialect differ greatly from one to the next, and each merits its own visit. If your time is limited, you'll be able to see Italy's highlights in a matter of days—but spending two weeks or more means you'll get to explore multiple regions and fall in love with authentic Italy.

What is the cheapest time of year to go to Italy? ›

Overall, November is the cheapest time to visit Italy, but if you choose to visit in the winter, make sure you pack at least some warm clothes and wet weather gear, as the country can see its fair share of rainy days and cold temperatures during the late Fall as well.

What is the best month to tour Italy? ›

The best time to visit Italy is during the spring (April-May) or early fall (September-October) when the weather is pleasant, the prices are low and the crowds are thin. Italy is fortunate to have a temperate climate most of the year, with the summer months (June, July, and August) being the hottest.

How do I choose where to go in Italy? ›

For those hoping for a fashionable city break, a ski trip or a lake visit, head north. Those ready for a little adventure and sunshine should consider the south or one of Italy's many islands. If you simply can't decide, plan trips to both regions.

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