The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (2024)

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just you, Cincinnati? Some local bars are teeming with sex appeal, and it’s not all about looks. From innuendo-laden names to oceanic aphrodisiacs, these Greater Cincinnati-area bars are the perfect place to set the mood. Buckle up horn-dogs, we’re taking you on the ride of your life.


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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (1)

Photo: Cincinnati


Have you SEEN the mood lighting in Twenties? The 1920s-themed craft co*cktail bar has low ceilings with dramatic brick arches that are lit from below, giving you a Bond-like backdrop to sip your gin martini and not-so-subtly seduce your lover.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (2)

Photo: Pub


MOTR Pub is where you go to run into your former flame because your mutual friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s band is playing. Sure, you support local indie music, but you also want your perma-crush to see your new tattoo when you strategically take off your patch-covered jean jacket. The sexual tension between you two is thicker than the smoke on the patio.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (3)

Photo: Brittany Thornton


MECCA is a reliably good place to be bad. The countless plants, candy-colored mood lighting and seasonal fire pit set the scene for a perfect dive-y nightcap after a nearby dinner date. After two grapefruit chunkers, the sexual tension between you and your boo will be off the charts.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (4)

Photo: Catie Viox

Longfellow's Other Room

Longfellow is the foreplay; Longfellow’s Other Room is where you call the Uber because the time to get in bed is NOW. While you and your date sit in the tucked away island that is Longfellow’s Other Room, you can’t help but let your feet brush, your hair flip and your drink linger on your lips to torture your partner. Maybe it’s the candle light, maybe it’s the paperback novel innuendo in the bar’s name, but it’s probably just the mezcal.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (5)

Photo: Hailey Bollinger


Somerset’s outdoor labyrinth of whimsical shelters and seating is just begging for a flirty date. The glow of their ube margarita will have you making out with your date in a retro-fitted bus or under the shade of a massive palm leaf.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (6)

Photo: Hailey Bollinger


The line for the bathroom at Alice might be a better match-maker than Tinder. While your friends are in line at the bar, you’re chatting it up with the hottie in the half-hour-long restroom line. Like you’re strangers on an airplane, you exchange names, then neighborhoods, then thirsty glances. Before you know it, you’re on the dance floor really getting to know each other...

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (7)



Some horny bars have an inexplicable reason, like Chameleon in Northside. Many who started their night at the Loon up the street end up at Chameleon, making out with their best friend in the corner during last call. You don’t care who sees you, and you’ll find a way to tell them you’re still just friends in the morning.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (8)

Photo: Provided by Emma Nurre

Bloom OTR

When you’re in a space that allows you to fully embrace who you are, you don’t hold back. Bloom’s ultra friendly and happy-go-lucky vibe gasses you up to take chances and talk to strangers. Putting yourself out there has never been sexier.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (9)

Photo: Hailey Bollinger

Coppin's Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Covington

Think about it: You’re wrapping up a Hinge date with an after-dinner drink at Hotel Covington’s Coppin’s Restaurant. You’re feeling this one – they’re funny, sexy and they get your deep-cut Star Trek references. The sultry and stylish hotel rooms hover above you both as you playfully suggest getting a room. If it helps your decision, Coppin’s has a great brunch in the morning.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (10)

The Belle and the Bear

This neighborhood favorite bar has prices so good you won’t think twice before ordering that one extra drink that makes you text your booty call. Take a shot and say “f*ck it” – you’re still hot enough to send a half-naked selfie from the bathroom.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (11)

co*ck & Bull Public House Mainstrasse Village

No other bar in town is going to make you think of the word co*ck more than co*ck & Bull.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (12)


Symphony Hotel Lounge and Jazz Bar

The swanky boutique Symphony Hotel has a cozy jazz lounge that will make you say ”let’s get it on.” The menu has craft co*cktails and chocolate-y desserts bound to stimulate your, uh, senses. The sultry sounds of live jazz make the rest of the world go quiet … : “Are you sure there’s no vacancies?”

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (13)

Madonna's Bar & Grill

What happens at Madonna’s, stays at Madonna’s. Unless you bring home that person you were making out with under the glow of a thousand neon beer signs. Madonna’s brings out the dirty impulses in all of us, even if you “just stopped in to watch the Bengals game and have a beer or two.”

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (14)


Kanji OTR

There’s something so sexy about sushi, and something even sexier about half-priced sushi and amazing co*cktails. Kanji’s stylish-yet-affordable vibe allows you to feel fancy on a budget. For a couple that needs a little spice, this is the perfect spot to break up the boring routine and pregame your all-night romp.

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The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati (2024)


The Hottest Hookup Bars in Cincinnati? ›

Symphony Hotel Lounge and Jazz Bar

What is the oldest bar in Cincinnati? ›

Arnold's is the oldest continuously operating bar in the city and one of the oldest in the country. The establishment was first opened in 1838 by Susan Fawcett as "a whor*house," according to Cincinnati historian Mike Morgan. In 1861, new owner Simon Arnold operated it as a bar and lived upstairs.

What bar in downtown Cincinnati has plants? ›

exotic garden & conservatory.

What is the 2nd oldest bar in America? ›

2 The Broad Axe Tavern: 1681

Ambler, Pennsylvania, is home to several of America's oldest bars, including the second-oldest standing bar, The Broad Axe Tavern.

What is the oldest bar in Ohio? ›

The Ye Olde Trail Tavern is Ohio's oldest tavern and second oldest restaurant behind the Golden Lamb in Lebanon. Opened in 1827 to serve travelers moving between Columbus and Cincinnati, the tavern is a must-stop historic destination in downtown Yellow Springs.

What is the oldest bar in Hamilton Ohio? ›

Arches Saloon

Known for being Hamilton's Oldest Bar!

What is the oldest bar at Ohio University? ›

Of all the bars on Court Street, this popular “college bar” has been open the longest — according to records at the Southeast Ohio History Center.

What is the oldest bar in the Midwest? ›

Glur's Tavern is a drinking establishment built in 1876 in the city of Columbus, in the state of Nebraska in the Midwestern United States. It is said to be the oldest continuously operated tavern west of the Mississippi. It was patronized by "Buffalo Bill" Cody during a visit to Columbus.

What is the history of Arnolds Cincinnati? ›

The two buildings that house the bar were built in 1838. Initially, one of them was a barbershop and the other a feed store that used the courtyard as a stable. The locale was converted into a saloon by new owner Simon Arnold in 1861, making it the oldest watering hole in Ohio.

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