iPhone vs Android: 13 Reasons iPhone is Better in 2018 (2024)

15 reasons why Android is better.

Reason number one, you have an actual file system. Anyone who has dealt with iOS horrendous file management paradigm appreciates the ease as at which files are accessible in Android. You simply click on Open, navigate to where your files are stored, select, done. There is also never any reason to use the Share function except when sharing data with the internet.

Number 2, multitasking, iOS’s multitasking absolutely sucks, especially when you compare it to Android. Example, I can stream a film to my TV wirelessly, while compiling an application via a remote terminal, while downloading a 40GB file directly to my NAS drive which is mounted as a local folder, while I convert a media file to .mp4, while I play N64, 007 Goldfinger using a replica N64 USB game controller.

I’m able to select my own default apps, so when I download a file and click open, the app that I normally use for that extension opens up automatically.

I have a global search function, which is one of the worst things about iOS, how do you find files. That was rhetoric, you can’t, it’s basically hunt and peck.

I can customize voice commands, this is perhaps one of the coolest things about about Android. I have around 250 custom voice commands, mostly for searching files. Such as, “show me all file [file extension] created on [date]. Even photos, show me all photos from [city] on [particular date/month, years], even for a particular person , “show me all photos for [name] on [particular date/month, year]”
External display support, when am connect my phone to a monitor not only is the resolution fully supported but so is the aspect ratio.

Mouse support, while connected to a monitor I can use a mouse and a keyboard. Even when not connected to a phone, having access to a mouse is an absolute must when using a tablet as a laptop.

USB peripheral support, so besides mouse support, my phone supports a TB external HD, HP All-In-One printer in which the scanner even works, USB replica game controllers in which a have one for the N64, SNES, Sega and PlayStation.

Better overall specs, I have a 2K AMOLED display, 6GB of RAM, USB C, SD Card reader, HDMI out support, etc.

I can use a custom desktop LDPI, I changed my LDPI to 380 which is the LDPI that activates tablet mode, which means all of my apps are a lot more powerful than the normal phone UI ones.

I can customize my entire system to what I want it to be, give it personality, iOS users have been using the same system UI for the last 9 years. There is absolutely nothing I can’t customize.
Inner app communication is a lot better, since iOS has a Walled off prison, or so called Walled Garden, apps communicate via API’s, which is the root of everything wrong within iOS. Anyway as stated above, I don’t have to use some half assed sharing function which creates a copy of the file your sharing every time you use it to open up my files within multiple apps, I simply click on Open. I can even open up the same file within multiple apps at the same time. I never, ever have to create more than one file, I just use the original file, always.
I can use Linux under a Chroot, meaning I have a full Debian server running under my phone. Why would you want this, well first of all I have CLI applications like; Python, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc. I have all of my favorite Linux GUI applications installed like; Dia, Inkscape, Gimp, BlueFish, etc.

I can use my phone as a desktop computer, this one might sound weird but not only is it possible, it works incredibly well. Especially when my phone has 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm 821. Like I said above I have all of my favorite Linux GUI applications installed in which a bring them up using a xterminal, when I’m at work I have access to about a hundred different Windows applications via a Citrix client which works fantastically. All of my applications including the ndroid ones are opened up in individual windows, so none of that dual app view non-sense. In which in iOS less than 0.5% out of a million plus apps actually support.

I have access to widgets, they might not interest you but they are extremely handy.

I can use wireless chargers.

I can use custom ROMs, even completely different OS’s like Ubuntu Touch, SailFish, etc. I will never, ever not be able to run the latest version of Android. When a manufacturer stops updating their phone, no problem, I just install a custom ROM and they work fantastically.

My phone is a computer, a real powerhouse, a real smartphone. Every time I use an iPhone I absolutely hate the experience. I mean even to type a post like this I would have to use a text editor as I would be afraid to loose all of my work as anytime you switch to another app, Safari just resets. It has happened to me numerous times, it’s why sites have started saving drafts, not for the Android users but iOS users. Though what bothers me the most is the lack of multitasking, yes, sure, there are a few apps that can run in the background but they are far and few and none of them are the ones that I need or want to use. Than there is the file system or I should say lack of, dealing with files IOS is simply a complete nightmare. Anytime someone at the office who uses an iPhone gets sassy with me about having an Android phone I simply ask them to show me their user directory, what, you can’t mount it, why not, your phone is so great. Not only do I have my remote server directly mounted as a local directory on my phone but my workstation and all of my cloud services as well, all accessible within any app installed. Again, my phone is also my desktop computer and why not, it’s not only powerful enough but more than capable. I couldn’t believe how horrible the external display support was on my iPad Pro, which I recently replaced with a Lenovo YogaBook, best decision I ever made. Talk about a complete makeover on how I work, I’m actually productive now. I can create detailed reports, all in the background and automatically, I have access to a scripting language, automation, multi-user support with OpenID to access my firms internal network, a real Office suite, MS Office for iOS was a complete joke, there isn’t even a import feature, scripting language, nope, database support, nope, by the way, I have the Android version. Which opens up every app under their own window, iOS’s dual app support on the iPad Pro was a joke, hardly anything supports it and that drag and drop feature, only apps designed by the same developer can use it, so MS Word to MS Excel yes, MS Word to Apple photos, no, useless.

Yes, my post is huge, but this authors best 15 reasons why the iPhone is a joke. Almost everything listed I have on either my Yoga Book or new Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus or don’t need it as it’s a waste. In fact 90% of the so called new features in iOS 10 are useless. I held on to my iPad Pro thinking iOS 10 would be a game changer, not only was it not, but there wasn’t a single feature that improved my experience. Apple keeps skipping over every feature that we actually want, need. If your happy with multitasking, file management, the fact that you can’t select your own default apps, lack of customizations, horrible external display support, lack of USB C, limited NFC, horrible USB peripheral support, especially mouse support. Horrible inner app communication including the Sharing function in which took Apple 8 years to even release that crap, ugh, the list just goes on and on and ………….

iPhone vs Android: 13 Reasons iPhone is Better in 2018 (2024)
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