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Blueberry - One of the Biggest Names in Cannabis

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Blueberry is a classic 70s strain bred by DJ Short. Combining landrace genetics from Thailand and Afghanistan, this indica-dominant hybrid is still highly sought after by recreational users and medical patients the world over, who treasure her sweet berry aroma and balanced physical effects. Read on to learn why Blueberry continues to be one of the biggest names in cannabis.

Genetic Background of Blueberry: 70s Classic

Blueberry is an indica-dominant hybrid strain beloved for its balanced effects and great flavours/aromas. Dating back to the 1970s, Blueberry is the claim to fame of the now-legendary cannabis breeder DJ Short.

Cannabis folklore has it that DJ Short (like many breeders of the time) was experimenting with a variety of landrace genetics he’d collected, including varieties from Panama, Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, and the Middle East. Of the many plants in his garden, three caught his eye and went on to provide the genetic background for the Blueberry, Flo (another DJ Short classic), and a variety of strains that later would become known as the Blue family.

In the 1990s, DJ Short travelled to Europe and shared his strains with other breeders—in particular the large cannabis community in the Netherlands. More specifically, DJ Short worked side by side with Sagarmartha and Dutch Passion, both of which still sell seeds from the original Blue family. Many other seed banks also offer their version of the beloved Blueberry, as well as new hybrids derived from the original.

The three strains that DJ Short used to create Blueberry and the rest of the Blue family were a landrace Highland Thai sativa, a Pink Thai from Oregon, and an Afghani indica. Keep reading to learn more about the unique forebears of Blueberry.


Afghani is an indica strain originating from, you guessed it, Afghanistan. These plants are typically short and stocky, with large, dark green leaves, relaxing effects, and delicious earthy hash aromas. Hence, it’s no wonder Afghani landrace strains have long been beloved by breeders, and provided the genetic building blocks for many of the classic weed hybrids born in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

For many breeders, crossing natural sativas (like the other two parents of Blueberry) with Afghani varieties allowed them to tame the large stature and long flowering times of the sativas, making for easier-to-grow plants while contributing great bud structure, potency, aromas, and effects.

Purple Thai

Purple Thai (also known as Oregon Purple Thai or OPT) is a sativa hybrid bred in Oregon by crossing Highland Oaxaca Gold (a landrace variety from Mexico) and Chocolate Thai (which first made it to the US in the 1960s in the form of “Thai sticks”). As its name suggests, OPT produces beautiful purple buds with a floral grape aroma and uplifting, energetic effects. More specifically, Purple Thai is highly regarded for its creative effects that inspire divergent thinking, problem-solving, and conversation.


Thai weed strains originate from the tropical mountains and forests of Thailand. Boasting pure sativa genetics that have evolved naturally over centuries, Thai strains have long provided the genetic building blocks for countless modern hybrids. Introduced to the US and other parts of the Western world in the 1960s as Thai sticks (long sticks of pressed brick weed), Thai weed varieties such as Wild Thai, Chocolate Thai, and Thai are still appreciated and highly sought after by smokers, growers, and breeders everywhere.

Aroma and Flavour of Blueberry: Berrylicious

As her name lets on, Blueberry boasts a sweet, fresh blueberry aroma. Some batches may also feature notes of vanilla and caramel. Its flavour is similarly sweet and fruity, with caramel-vanilla notes reminiscent of freshly baked blueberry pastries.

Blueberry gets its aroma from a rich resin with high concentrations of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Myrcene, a common cannabis terpene, is also found in mangoes, hops, verbena, and bay leaves, where it contributes an earthy and fruity aroma. Besides being relaxing and even sedating at high doses, myrcene has also been extensively studied for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Caryophyllene, the second dominant terpene in Blueberry, is found naturally in black pepper and other dark spices. As you’d imagine, caryophyllene has a spicy, peppery bite, which shines through subtly in Blueberry’s aroma. Like other terpenes, caryophyllene has been studied for its potential health benefits, which could include anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and antibacterial effects (among others).

Last on the list of dominant terpenes in Blueberry is pinene. Found in pine needles as well as rosemary, thyme, and other fresh herbs, pinene has a fresh, herbal pine aroma that’s thought to play a large role in the relaxing properties of some cannabis strains. Pinene has also been studied for its potential pain-relieving effects.

Potency and Effects of Blueberry: Perfectly Relaxing

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Blueberry has an average THC content of around 17%, with roughly 1% CBG. Even compared to modern cannabis strains with higher THC percentages, Blueberry is still a very potent strain that can produce strong, long-lasting effects.

Many users treasure Blueberry for its balanced, relaxing impact. Thanks to its high concentration of THC and unique terpenes, Blueberry quickly relaxes the body and calms the mind. It's an ideal wind-down strain that’ll put you in a sleepy, hungry, and happy daze, without leaving you glued to the couch.

Some of the most commonly reported effects of Blueberry include:

  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Hunger

Recreational Uses

Blueberry is an excellent strain for recreational users. Its relaxing effects are ideal for when you want to unwind after a long day without feeling couch-locked or overly sedative. Light her up a few hours before bedtime and enjoy a quiet, relaxing night in cooking, eating, and watching movies or listening to music. Alternatively, Blueberry makes a great social smoke, helping to put you and your friends in a happy, giggly mood. By the end of the night, Blueberry will sway you into a lazy daze to prepare you for a restorative night’s sleep.

Medical Uses

Blueberry is also very popular among medical marijuana patients, and for good reason. Its well-balanced physical effects are highly sought after by patients looking for relief from physical symptoms like pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms without feeling overly sedated. Used later in the evening, Blueberry may also help to relieve insomnia in some patients.

Besides relieving physical symptoms, Blueberry is commonly used by patients looking to calm symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, thanks to its mood-lifting effects.

Side Effects

Blueberry is highly revered for being a well-balanced strain that causes few side effects. Nonetheless, like all high-THC cannabis strains, Blueberry may produce unwanted side effects in some people (particularly those with a low tolerance to THC). These can include:

  • Dry mouth and dry eyes
  • Dizziness

While it's not commonly reported with this strain, high-THC cannabis can also cause anxiety or paranoia in some people. If you have a low tolerance to THC, use strains like Blueberry in moderation.

Growing Blueberry: Dense and Resinous

Besides its excellent recreational and medical effects, Blueberry is also favoured for its great grow traits. Being highly resistant to pests and stress, flowering quickly, and producing great yields of dense, resinous flowers, Blueberry is a great choice for experienced and inexperienced growers alike.

Indoor Growing Tips

Blueberry performs extremely well indoors. Thanks to her Afghan genetics, she stays relatively compact, making her a great choice for growers working with small rooms or tents. At the same time, Blueberry can grow to a significant size given the space and a longer veg time. She tolerates nutrients well, as well as high-stress training such as topping, and can take on beautiful purple hues when exposed to cooler temperatures during the flowering phase.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Blueberry can perform exceptionally well outdoors as well. While she’s far from fussy, she performs best in well-drained soil and warm, dry climates. Her dense flowers are very good at trapping moisture, so avoid exposing Blueberry plants to rain or humid conditions as they flower.

Should You Try Blueberry?

Blueberry is an excellent strain for any cannabis user; whether you smoke recreationally or need to treat a medical condition, this strain has something great to offer. Plus, growers and breeders will also enjoy this strain for her important heritage and classic genetics.

For Growers

Whether you grow indoors, outdoors, in soil, or hydroponically, Blueberry deserves a spot in every cannabis grower’s garden. Growing Blueberry is like growing Haze, Northern Lights, or White Widow—it gives you insight into one of the all-time classic strains that’s left an undeniable mark on cannabis history.

For Recreational Users

Trying Blueberry should be a no-brainer for recreational users. If you like a strain that’ll relax your body, calm your mind, and put a big ol’ smile on your face, this is the one for you. Look to Blueberry for a relaxing, positive smoke that won’t leave you glued to the couch or riddled with energy. Enjoy her in the evening or on weekends for a cheerful, relaxing high that’ll leave you hungry, giggling, and chilling for hours.

For Medical Users

If you use cannabis medicinally, look to Blueberry for a balanced high with the potential to calm physical symptoms like pain and inflammation without putting you to sleep. While she’s far from a wake-and-bake strain, Blueberry also isn’t one of those hard-hitting, narcotic-like indicas, instead leaving you functional, though very relaxed. After a few hours, however, her effects will mellow down into a more sleepy daze, which may also be attractive to some medical users.

Blueberry — A Sweet and Fruity Indica Hybrid

Blueberry - Strain Information - - Strain Information (3)

Blueberry is an all-time favourite hybrid that’s forever left its mark on the cannabis world. Bred from Afghan and Thai genetics, this strain boasts not only great grow traits, but incredibly balanced effects that are still treasured by recreational and medical users decades since she first hit the market. For many, Blueberry has earned her place among other cannabis greats like Amnesia Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights.

Blueberry Strain: FAQ

Q: What is the Blueberry strain good for?
A: Blueberry is known for its balanced effects, and is highly sought after by both recreational users and medical patients. It is often used for relaxation, stress relief, mood enhancement, as well as to relieve physical symptoms or sleep issues.

Q: Is Blueberry sativa dominant?
A: No. Blueberry is considered indica dominant, even though it was bred using sativa strains like Thai.

Q: What is the history of Blueberry cannabis?
A: Now a beloved hybrid, Blueberry was bred in the 1970s by a breeder known as DJ Short from Afghan and Thai cannabis strains. Today, it is readily available at dispensaries, cannabis clubs, and in seed form from a variety of seed banks.

Q: What is the Blueberry strain crossed with?
A: Since its creation in the 1970s, Blueberry has gone on to be crossed with a variety of other strains to create new hybrids such as Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze) and Blue Cheese (Blueberry x Cheese).

Q: What effects does Blueberry weed have?
A: Blueberry has balanced effects that relax the body while calming the mind.

Blueberry - Strain Information - - Strain Information (2024)
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