'Black Rose' Ending Explained & Film Summary: How Was Le Thanh Son Punished? (2024)

The Netflix Vietnamese film Black Rose is a revenge thriller with a tacky background score and a hotch-potch plot. The film revolves around Thao My, a young graduate desperate to seek revenge on Ha and her family. She makes her way into the influential family as a babysitter. Her motive was not quite clear at first, but it was evident that she planned on destroying Ha’s marriage. Ha was married to Le Thanh Son, the heir to the TPLand Group, and she had recently given birth to her baby boy, Bi. Ha was impressed by My’s profile and offered her the job. Ha trusted My completely, even though people around her suggested that having a young nanny in the house was never a good idea. Everything was perfect before Ha realized what My had been plotting behind her back.

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Why was My seeking revenge?

Son initially seemed to be a dedicated husband, but as soon as Hoang started to pursue My, he took an interest in her. The extramarital affair was part of My’s plan, and she successfully managed to create a distance between Son and Ha. Son was desperate to prove himself to his father and become the next CEO of TPLand. For the launch of the company’s next project, ‘Sailing City,’ Son and his sister, Nhu, were asked to present ideas, and eventually, it would be decided who would be a better fit to run the company. Nhu refused to bow down to her brother. She had complete faith in her vision and was confident about impressing her father. The first draft of Son’s plan was rejected, and he had to come up with something better.

My realized that the only way to win Son’s trust was by helping him with the project. She drugged Hoang and copied the launch plan from his laptop to her pen drive. Son was impressed by the risks My was willing to take for his success. When Son presented the entire copied plan as his own idea, Nhu protested. She accused Hoang of helping Son, and Hoang readily took the blame. He knew that it was My who stole the data from his computer, but he did not wish to embarrass Son in front of his family. Meanwhile, after Ha found out about the affair, she decided to leave with Bi, but Son convinced her to stay. Later at a party, Ha caught My and Son red-handed in an intimate position, and she was hysterical. Son’s family kept her locked in a room, and they did not allow her to see her baby boy. My had successfully ruined Ha’s life.

Even though it was all pretense at first, My genuinely started to feel attracted to Hoang, and he felt the same way. When everyone found out about the affair, Hoang was disappointed in My for taking advantage of him. My came clean to Hoang and disclosed the motive behind her revenge plan. My’s brother used to run a restaurant with Ha. They were in a relationship, but that was before she met Son. The restaurant was destroyed in a fire, and her brother was left paralyzed after the incident. After going through Nhat and Ha’s texts, My found out that he was supposed to meet Ha that night. She was quite confident that Ha started the fire to get rid of her brother.

Who was responsible for Nhat’s condition?

My introduced Hoang to her brother, Nhat. He discovered that she was not a wicked woman but someone who was deeply hurt. Hoang soon realized that all his life he had been waiting for a woman like My and he bought a house for them to live together. One night, My decided to confront Ha, and Hoang planned to meet Son at a pub. My accused Ha of ruining Nhat’s life, and she passed her the diary where she had planned every detail of her revenge. We soon found out in Black Rose that My had gotten it all wrong. Ha was not responsible for burning down the restaurant; it was Son. That night, Son met Nhat at the restaurant and requested that he stay away from their relationship. Nhat was not ready to let go of Son that easily. He held on to Son’s collar, and the two ended up getting into a fight. Son overpowered Nhat, and repeatedly punched him. He soon realized that he would be in trouble if the truth ever got out. So, to make it look like an accident, he intentionally turned on the gas and lit an incense stick. Instead of meeting Hoang at the bar, Son drove to Hoang and My’s house. He knew that My would be all alone at the time, and he wanted to take advantage of the situation.

What happened to My and Hoang?

Son drastically shifted from being a reliable husband to a psycho killer. He doubted that My had simply taken advantage of him, and he was all the more enraged after finding out that she was in love with Hoang. Son confronted My and when she attempted to escape, he grabbed hold of her. All he cared about was vengeance, and the situation turned bloody sooner than anticipated. My was gravely injured, and Son tortured her to make sure that she suffered.

When Hoang returned home, he realized that something had gone down. He found My’s body upstairs, and soon Son attacked him from behind. Son was unstoppable, and he used all his might to get rid of his friend. After attempting to burn Hoang, Son strangled him. He lost his temper when Hoang called him an animal. He had always been one, but he was good at hiding it from those around him. Son had a fragile ego, and every time someone saw him for who he was, he lashed out. After the incident, he reached out to his mother. She knew what her son was capable of, and instead of guiding him to the right path, she helped him clean up his mess. At the end of Black Rose, it was revealed that My survived the fire that night. She lost her brother and Hoang, and she was once again in a helpless position.

How was Le Thanh Son punished?

After going through the diary, Ha realized that it was Son who was responsible for the fire at the restaurant. She was desperate to get back her freedom and to take her son along with her. When Son proposed they go to the beach on the weekend, Ha agreed. She finally stepped out of her room and was with Bi. Son too wanted to fix his marriage after the entire My fiasco. Before heading out, Ha contacted Nhu and offered to help her expose her brother. Ha probably expected some active help from Nhu, but instead, she chose to maintain distance.

Knowing what a monster of a man he was, Ha could not imagine being romantic with Son. She attacked him with a blunt object from behind and tied his hands and feet. Son begged Ha to let go of him, and she instead confronted him about the restaurant accident. Ha believed Son had planned to kill Nhat right from the time that he texted him from her phone. Son made it sound as if he had done Ha a favor by getting rid of her ex-boyfriend. While confessing the truth, Son mistakenly admitted that he was responsible for killing My and Hoang (Son assumed that My had died that night). Ha called Son a madman, unaware that he had a corkscrew in his pockets that he used to untie his hands.
Son attempted to stab Ha with the corkscrew, but Ha managed to injure him with her knife. She tried her best to kill Son that day, but unfortunately, he tossed her into the sea. Son lied about Ha’s whereabouts, and his mother could pretty much guess what happened to her daughter-in-law. On the night of the ‘Sailing City’ launch, Son was confident that his father would declare him the CEO of his company. He had no clue that his sister had captured images of him attacking and killing his wife. She used the pictures to convince her father not to name Son the CEO. As the family bickered amongst themselves, police entered the scene.

Black Rose‘s ending revealed that Ha survived the fall and swam to the shore. She walked to the local police station and narrated the entire incident. Son tried to find an escape route, but he soon realized that there was none. He decided that it was better for him to die than to hand himself over to the police. Son died, but he left Ha and My with traumatic memories. My assumed that she would be happy once she sought revenge, but a year later she realized it was the worst possible decision. Perhaps if she could, she would go back in time and reject the job offer. She lost her brother and her lover all for the sake of revenge, and unfortunately, her theory turned out to be not entirely true as well.

'Black Rose' Ending Explained & Film Summary: How Was Le Thanh Son Punished? (2024)
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