Berg en Dalseweg 79A49 (2024)

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Berg en Dalseweg 79A49

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  • 35.2 m 2
  • floor

This residence is offered with a short-stay contract including a fixed minimum and maximum stay of 6 months. Please check here to see if you are eligible to book.

Note that Canisiushof is still under construction. During your stay, you might experience some nuisance due to building activities.

  • €995.00 Excl.*Conditions apply. See price details.
  • Available per Per direct beschikbaar

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Berg en Dalseweg 79A49

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Building nameCanisiushof (More about building)
AddressBerg en Dalseweg 79A49 (Show on map)
More about location
Residence typeLoft
Living area35.2 m2
Max. occupantsTwo (only couples)
Private outside area
Pets allowed
Location in building
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Inventory list Download
Energy label
More about this residence
Type of contract
Minimum stay6 months
See requirements
Basic rent€995.00
See price details

About residence

Stay at Canisiushof
This loft is one of the 120 unique homes for rent at Canisiushof. Coming in through the monumental hallways, you’ll find this loft on the first floor. Highlights of this home are the high ceiling and extra loft area, looking out over the living room. Speaking about living in a characteristic place!

The open kitchen works great for cooking up your favorite meal while staying in contact with guests in your living room. This modern and dark kitchen has a white counter to top it off. Appliances include an induction plate, fridge with small freezer compartment, dishwasher, and cooker hood. Squeeze plenty of people around the round table, designed for better use of the space.

This loft has one bedroom area, located at the upstairs mezzanine. Thanks to this second loft floor, your home has a high ceiling.

The downstairs bathroom has a big shower with glass door, sink with vanity, mirror, and hanging toilet. The beige colored tiles give a sense of calmness.

What’s included
This loft comes fully furnished, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying your own furniture and appliances. It has everything you need during your stay here. The historical details of the building are up to everyone’s taste. We’ve got you with the fine details, like wood-like floors, a comfy bed, and everything to cook up your favorite meals.

Good to know:

  • Fully furnished loft (linen included)
  • Wood-look flooring installed
  • Blackout curtains to cover up the windows
  • Kitchen with appliances (induction, dishwasher, fridge, combi oven)
  • Shared laundry room

Shared spaces at Canisiushof
Canisiushof houses a shared laundry where you can clean and dry your clothes. Once the building is finished, there will be a possibility to park your car in front of the building. There’s a bike storage located in the building’s basem*nt, where you can safely park your bike.


Next door’s
Canisiushof is located at Berg en Dalseweg in the neighborhood Hunnerberg, east of Nijmegen’s city center. This neighborhood is well-connected. With Julianapark only 5 minutes away, you’re standing in nature within minutes. See what’s more to be found around Canisiushof.

  • There’s are two bus stops (Hugo de Grootstraat and Mesdagstraat) along the street.
  • Get your groceries at one of the supermarkets nearby, like Albert Heijn (450 meter) or Coop (500 meter).
  • Nijmegen’s city center is only a 15-minute walk or 5-minute bike ride from Canisiushof.

See where Canisiushof can take you on Google Maps.

General requirements

This residence is offered with a short-stay contract. You can stay for a maximum of 6 months, if you meet the requirements. You can check your maximum stay here. Note that you cannot rent a short-stay residence if you have been a tenant of Holland2Stay before.

Important: Initially, the residences of Canisiushof are reserved for exchange students, expats, and working professionals who need an urgent temporary housing solution (i.e. due to home renovation, home sale, relationship problems, internship, or temporary work in or around Nijmegen). If you are already living in - or around - Nijmegen, you probably do not meet the conditions to book this residence with a short-stay contract.

Income requirements
• Student or working professional

You can book this residence as a student or a working professional.

• Student You need to provide us with a proof of enrolment at a Dutch educational institution for the current year. You can upload this document after making the booking.

• Working professional Your gross monthly income (including average bonuses, allowances and holiday payments) should be at least:

Gross monthly income

Booking as a couple? Your joint income is the highest income plus 50% of the second income

Gross monthly income expat (30% tax ruling)

Booking as a couple? Your joint income is the highest income plus 50% of the second income


To verify your income, you need to upload your employment contract and 3 recent salary slips after booking.

Dutch young professionals can be guaranteed by parent(s). Reach out to us to discuss your options.

• Temporary agency worker

As a temporary agency worker, you can only book if you've been working for your agency for more than 52 weeks (Fase B or Fase C). Note that having a secondment contract doesn't guarantee that we accept your booking. We'll evaluate your case to determine if you're eligible to book. Contact us at to check if you can book this residence.

• Self-employed or own business

We need additional information to determine if you’re eligible to book. Reach out to to discuss your possibilities.

• Any doubts?

Please contact us at for more details.

Price details

Please see the overview below for all the details on pricing of this residence:

Monthly rent
  • €995.00
  • €185.00
  • This includes the costs for water, heating, electricity, monthly cleaning, internet & TV.

  • €1,180.00
  • €1,200.00
  • In order to confirm your booking, you need to pay €200. This amount serves as a partial deposit payment. You need to pay the remainder of deposit after signing your contract
Housing allowance
  • Housing allowance is a subsidy provided by the government to residents on a low income with a relative high rent. Read more

Berg en Dalseweg 79A49 (2024)
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