A-Z of Cunard, with Travel + Leisure - Cunard cruises (2024)

A is for Alaska

Revel in the natural beauty of Alaska with summer sailings on board Queen Elizabeth, where you can relax in ultimate comfort and take in the sheer majesty of Glacier Bay National Park and dramatic fjords. Embarking roundtrip from Vancouver in 2024 and Seattle in 2025, Cunard’s voyages to the Great Land offer the rare chance to experience two scenic glacier encounters, a proud point of distinction within the industry. These standout itineraries capture the Alaskan spirit of exploration in all its grandeur, from niche ports like Wrangell to co*cktails inspired by the breathtaking scenery.

B is for British-Style Afternoon Tea

Cunard invites travelers to embrace the daily British ritual of Traditional Afternoon Tea, presented in the Queens Room each day from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. White-gloved servers offer fine teas, as well as a menu of light bites including finger sandwiches, buttery pastries, and signature Cunard scones with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam, all served on fine bone china.

C is for Caribbean

The gorgeous beaches, year-round warm weather, and rich culture of the Caribbean islands have long beckoned travelers seeking a little (or big) slice of paradise. From the hidden gems of Dominica and the rolling waves of Barbados to the charming architecture of St. Kitts, Cunard guests will discover the full appeal of this region. Travelers can either embark on a Caribbean-specific itinerary or combine a Caribbean voyage with a Transatlantic Crossing between New York and London for a longer trip.

D is for Dancing the Night Away

Don your finest attire and get caught up in the magic of a lavish Gala Evening. These elegant, themed happenings offer a chance to meet your ship’s master and socialize with other guests. Musical performances, signature co*cktails, and a portrait by a professional photographer make it a night to remember.

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E is for European Adventure

An established leader in ocean travel around Europe, Cunard is entering a new era with the debut of its latest Queen. Joining the award-winning fleet of Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth in 2024, Queen Anne will sail to more than 60 ports in Northern and Western Europe for her inaugural season, including up-and-coming destinations like Estonia’s pastel-tinged capital, Tallinn.

F is for Fitness

Cunard offers fully equipped gyms and a plethora of fitness amenities, including private consultations with Cunard’s professional trainers and access to the InBody570 body composition analyzer. Along with these personalized experiences, you can play some of the world’s best golf courses virtually with a cutting-edge golf simulator, get your heart pumping during the power hour in an indoor cycling class, run laps around the Promenade Deck, or breathe in the fresh air during an outdoor yoga session.

G is for Grills Suite Experience

At the start of the 20th century, in the early days of pleasure cruising, Cunard introduced a restaurant that was only available to first-class passengers and made its mark serving grilled meats. The experience has since evolved into a Queens Grill Suite or a Princess Grill Suite, offering the finest accommodations paired with refined dining and exclusive amenities.

H is for History in the Making

Guests create their very own Cunard stories inspired by legendary white-gloved service, glamorous ballrooms, and sublime comfort, with dedicated butlers (for Queens Grill Suite guests), private balcony views, access to the private Grills Lounge and Terrace (for all Grills Suite guests), and immersive Shore Experiences.

I is for Insight from Experts

In the spirit of learning, the Cunard Insights™ enrichment program brings top experts on board for talks, seminars, and discussions. Delve into thought-provoking topics spanning from technology to economics to space to sports with well-known historians, explorers, scientists, and other notable figures.

J is for Jazz Ensembles

From the moment guests set foot on board a Cunard cruise, live music is woven into their experience, beginning with the sounds of a string trio. Music resonates throughout the journey, from jazz ensembles to lively big band nights to ballroom or Latin dancing in the Queens Room, accompanied by a live orchestra.

K is for Karaoke

Settle into the Golden Lion Pub™, which exudes the warm welcome and authenticity of a traditional British pub, with karaoke nights, pub quizzes, and darts to boot. The elevated gastropub serves crowd-pleasing plates of beer-battered Atlantic cod and Angus burgers, which pair perfectly with signature Cunard ales brewed in partnership with the U.K.’s Dark Revolution Brewery.

L is for Largest Library at Sea

In a quiet atmosphere outfitted with leather armchairs, take your pick of the more than 8,000 books housed in Cunard’s libraries (Queen Mary 2 boasts the largest at sea). You’ll find everything from the classics you’ve been meaning to read to the page-turners everyone is talking about. The ship’s librarian also runs the Cunard Book Club, bringing book lovers together for engaging discussions. (See also: 2024 Literature Festival at Sea).

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M is for Mareel® Wellness & Beauty

With treatments inspired by the ocean, Cunard’s spa offers a serene retreat for your senses. Refresh with a mani-pedi, invigorate with marine-based therapies, or relieve sore muscles with an aromatic Swedish massage complemented by warm basalt stones. At the Aqua Therapy Center, relax with hot and cold facilities, including a Finnish sauna. Book up to six months before you sail for the ultimate in self-care.

N is for New England and Canada

Cunard’s voyages through New England and Canada balance nature, architecture, and culture. Traverse from the glittery skyline of New York City to the commanding red spruce forests of Maine and onward to the charming cobblestone streets of Quebec City. Depending on the season, you may even spot a whale from the deck or your own private balcony.

O is for Ocean Course

Swathed in low lighting and dark wood, the Chart Room bar and lounge on Queen Mary 2® and Queen Victoria® channels a maritime ambiance. Follow your ocean course along illuminated maps or simply unwind with expertly crafted signature and classic co*cktails. In the evening, try specials nodding to your destinations and even 12 zodiac-themed drinks.

P is for The Pavilion

Among the cruise line’s signature venues, The Pavilion is a bastion of timeless style for lounging poolside with a refreshing Cunard Cooler. Located on both Queen Elizabeth® and Queen Victoria®, it’s the ideal spot to watch the sun rise or set — from a soothing whirlpool underneath a retractable glass roof, of course.

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Q is for Queens

Cunard’s modern fleet of Queens — Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, and 2024 newcomer Queen Anne® — exude the grace and grandeur of royalty. Each ship offers guests remarkable voyages filled with signature dining concepts, renowned White Star Service, and plenty of time to spend in each port.

R is for Royal Court Theatre

For theater lovers, the lavish Royal Court Theatre stages a full range of productions, from gripping dramas to toe-tapping musicals. Among the Event Voyages for 2024, experience London Theatre at Sea (June 15 - 23, 2024) on board Queen Mary 2, with opportunities to peek behind the scenes and learn what goes into putting on a world-class show, or treat yourself to a VIP theater box on Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. In 2025, Cunard will collaborate with producer David Pugh to present the musical adaptation of Noël Coward’s Brief Encounter.

S is for Stargazing

Queen Mary 2 offers an otherworldly voyage with the first planetarium at sea, Illuminations. In addition to larger-than-life programming around the cosmos, this stellar space also serves as a 3D movie theater and classical music venue. To appreciate the night sky even further, join an astronomer from the renowned Royal Astronomical Society for an evening of stargazing on deck.

T is for Transatlantic Crossings

With a long heritage of sailing across the Atlantic beginning in the 19th century, Cunard offers guests a full array of Transatlantic Crossings between London and New York throughout the year. Arriving in or departing from the port city of Southampton in the U.K., just southwest of London, these classic voyages embody a chance to relax at sea and can be paired with extended journeys to other destinations, such as the Caribbean.

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U is for Unforgettable Dining

Dining has always been fundamental to Cunard’s reputation, from sophisticated eateries and Traditional Afternoon Tea to casual pub fare and generous buffets. Each stateroom grade is linked to one of Cunard’s four main dining restaurants — Queens Grill, Princess Grill, Britannia Club™ Restaurant, and Britannia Restaurant™ — all of which are inclusive with one’s fare. If you’d rather dine in, there’s complimentary room service delivered right to your stateroom or suite.

V is for Voyages Around the Entire World

For longer explorations, Cunard offers full World Voyages and Grand Voyages. Starting in 2025, Queen Anne will embark on her maiden World Voyage in a series of interlinking sectors, sailing first from New York to San Francisco (Jan. 18 - Feb. 4, 2025), with stops in Aruba, Guatemala, Mexico, and more. On Feb. 4, 2025, she will set sail from San Francisco to the South Pacific, with an 18-night journey to Auckland or a 23-night journey to Sydney, both with ports of call in Hawaii, Samoa, and Tonga. Leaving the Southern Hemisphere once again, she will sail to Hong Kong (Feb. 28 - Mar. 19, 2025) and then Dubai (Mar. 19 - Apr. 7, 2025), with the mid-voyage option for a 33-day voyage from Singapore to Southampton (Mar. 25 - Apr. 27, 2025).

W is for White Star Service

Courteous and knowledgeable, every member of Cunard’s crew is trained at the White Star Academy to deliver the highest level of warm and attentive service in an homage to the cruise line’s history as a joint venture with White Star Line. Room stewards greet their guests by name, and every request — no matter how big or small — is met with ease.

X is for X Factor

With ships that are a world unto their own, Cunard has long had the X factor that promises an ideal vacation. Backed by an incredible history, its fleet and voyages offer a perfect mingling of refined British traditions and global flavors and culture.

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Y is for Yacht Club

The ambiance of the Yacht Club on Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria shifts from day to night as resident DJs keep the party going. Enjoy top-shelf tipples, including a special World of Whiskies menu featuring selections from Japan, Scotland, Ireland, and the U.S., as well as an array of rejiggered takes on the classic old-fashioned. Choose from the Sailor’s Signal, made with bourbon, a smoky Lapsang souchong tea- and honey-infused syrup, and handcrafted bitters, or the Hello Maple, mingling Canadian whisky, maple syrup, and Angostura bitters.

Z is for Zadar and Zakynthos

Fringed with islands and dramatic coastlines, the Mediterranean remains one of the most idyllic cruise destinations. Cover more of the map with Cunard in places like the picturesque Greek island of Zakynthos, which the Venetians once nicknamed “Fioro di Levante,” or the Flower of the East. Midway along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, Zadar’s Roman ruins, medieval churches, and chic cafés make for a distinctive atmosphere.

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A-Z of Cunard, with Travel + Leisure - Cunard cruises (2024)
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