20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (2024)

Linux is an open source operating system with superior customization abilities. If you use KDE Desktop, you’ll have many Plasma themes to choose from. And if you can’t find something you like, developers create new ones daily.

It can be tough to choose the best KDE Plasma Themes from the Hundreds of themes available in the KDE store. All of these themes are designed to improve the look of your KDE desktop, but it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

For those who want to give their Plasma Desktop a makeover, here is a list of the best KDE Plasma themes.

Best KDE Plasma Themes

Now that you know how to install and use KDE Plasma themes on your Linux system from the previous tutorial, let’s move on to the best KDE Plasma themes available.


20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (1)The ROUNDED Plasma Theme was inspired by the Breeze style, and it features KDE color scheme support. All icons and elements have rounded corners for a smooth, streamlined look.


2. Sweet KDE

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (2)If you’re looking for a dark, modern theme for your Plasma desktop that is based on the awesome Helium theme, look no further! This theme offers various settings like the Sweet Kvantum theme, Sweet Aurorae theme, Sweet color scheme, Sweet Konsolecolor scheme, and Candy icons.


3. Moe Themes

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (3)Moe Theme suite is a light-colored theme with blur transparencies and red tones with gradient features. This theme was inspired by Aether Dark, created by KenVermette. With Moe Themes, you’ll receive window decorations, color schemes, konsole themes, Moe Kvantum options, as well as Moe Look and feel selections.


4. Nilium-Plasma-Theme

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (4)If you’re looking for a dark theme that’s doomed to give your Plasma 5 desktop an elegant look, try Nilium-Plasma-Theme. It’s based on Noc and Helium themes.


5. Materia Dark KDE

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (5)Materia Dark KDE is a port of the popularGTK theme Materia, custom-made for the Plasma 5 desktop. It includes a few additional features not found in the original GTK theme.

If you’re looking for ways to change up your Linux system’s appearance, this is the perfect theme for you. It includes Aurorae window decoration themes, Konsole color schemes, Kvantum themes, Plasma color schemes, Plasma Desktop themes, plasma Look-and-Feel settings, Yakuake skins, SDDM themes, and Wallpapers.

You can install materia-kde from our official PPA if you’re using Ubuntu or derivatives.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:papirus/papirussudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install --install-recommends materia-kde

Or download .deb packages fromhere.

6. Adapta KDE

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (6)Adapta KDE is a port of theGTK theme Adapta for Plasma 5 desktop. This new version includes extras not found in the original GTK theme, such as Aurorae Theme, Yakuake Skins, Plasma Color Schemes, Konsole Color Schemes, Plasma Desktop Theme, Kvantum Themes, Plasma Look-and-Feel Settings, and Wallpaper.

You can install adapta-kde from our official PPA by following these steps. Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T)and type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:papirus/papirussudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install --install-recommends adapta-kde

Or download .deb packages from here.

7. Otto Plasma Theme

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (7)The Otto theme comes with updated colors, a view item, added gradients to the radio button, and updated icons. It has dark plasma tones with orange and yellow gradients. Otto includes various features such as Konsole color schemes, a Kvantum theme, Aurorae, and an Otto wallpaper.


8. Helium

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (8)Helium is a translucent theme for the KDE Plasma desktop environment. It is designed from scratch to be clear and white, with a focus on usability and simplicity.


9. Element

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (9)

The Element KDE Plasma Theme has an elegant and dynamic look that is inspired by macOS. Even though it does not completely follow the Apple style, it reminds us of the KDE Oxygen theme. If you are a big fan of Apple’s beautiful aesthetics, I recommend using this theme.


10. OxyLight 5

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (10)

OxyLight 5 is an excellent KDE theme for Linux desktop users who want a modern look. Recently, the “Breeze Theme” has replaced OxyLight 5. Be among the first to try the newest Oxygen theme! Though some users were not thrilled with earlier versions, this one is easy to use and well-developed. Additionally, installation takes only a few minutes. All you need is a KDE desktop.


11. Unity Ambiance

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (11)

Unity Ambiance is a plasma theme that allows users to enjoy the classic Ubuntu theme, even if they’re not using GTK. This theme provides all the features of the classic Ubuntu theme, plus it gives users the ability to transform their KDE setup to enjoy the infamous Ubuntu Ambiance color scheme.


12. Numix

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (12)

If you’re looking for a sleek, dark theme for your Linux computer, Numix is a great option. Numix has established itself as a go-to source for high-quality plasma themes, and its latest offering does not disappoint. The Numix theme package includes everything you need to start, and it’s sure to brighten your day with its beautiful design.

Numix boasts a fantastic icon theme and desktop skin that is compatible with every KDE Plasma desktop environment- making it perfect for anyone seeking to refresh their look. I believe you’d have a much better experience if you installed this particular theme.


13. Maia Transparent

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (13)

The Maia Transparent KDE theme is stunning, to say the least. The plasma theme is popular for its transparency, and Maia Transparent does not disappoint. In fact, it makes your screen look incredible.

If you are just starting out, Maia Transparent is the perfect option because it is fully transparent. This allows users to see exactly what it covers, which makes it semi-transparent.


14. Rice

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (14)

The Rice theme by Arc is perfect for anyone looking for a dark grey or black KDE Plasma desktop because it looks attractive without being over the top. The fonts work perfectly on the theme, which is both fantastic and catches the eye.


15. K-Zukitwo

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (15)

Though Apple’s OS has an aesthetic appeal, many users opt for Linux because it provides certain advantages. If you’re a Linux user who wants their desktop to look like MacOS, K-Zukitwo is for you. This theme will change your KDE Plasma into the sleek design of a macOS desktop.


16. Klone10

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (16)

Klone10, also known as the Plasma 5 breeze theme, is a great option for those using KDE plasma desktops. Many have said it looks like Microsoft’s Windows 10 default theme. It is especially user-friendly and perfect for anyone who wants an uncomplicated but practical design on their desktop.


17. KArc Transparent

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (17)

The KArc theme is a great choice if you want to make your KDE screen look amazing. This theme has some pretty cool transparent features, and the overall design and layout are excellent. The KArc theme looks like the Arc theme, which is popular among Gnome users. So, if you’re a fan of the Arc aesthetic, this will be the perfect fit for you.


18. Jomada Style

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (18)

Jomada Style is an excellent plasma theme for KDE that has a white hue with a slight blur. The primary issue with this theme is that it is too bright for most users. This theme’s design is clean and sleek, and the grey color scheme is easy on the eyes. You can install it on your KDE desktop for a fresh look.


19. Arc KDE

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (19)

Arc KDE is currently one of the most popular plasma themes because it is easy to use while still having modern features. You will enjoy all the GTK theme features if you install this theme on your KDE desktop.

Arc isn’t just a GTK theme- this means that if you use any of the following: XFCE, LXDE, MATE, Unity, or Gnome Shell, then you can try out this theme. I reckon it would be the best plasma theme for KDE Desktop.


20. Hex

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (20)

Hex is a black theme for KDE Plasma Desktop that is well-designed and flat-colored. Even though Hex isn’t your typical black theme, I would say it gives the KDE Plasma desktop a more elegant and beautiful look with its brownish hue.


Final Thought

This list of the best KDE Plasma themes will give your desktop a polished and elegant look. If you have any trouble installing or using it, let me know in the comments. And if you liked this article, please share it with your friends. Thank you!

20 Best KDE Plasma Themes for Your KDE Desktop (2024)


Are KDE Plasma themes safe? ›

KDE acknowledges a lack of resources to thoroughly examine every submitted theme for malicious intent. This, coupled with the absence of rigorous checks within the KDE Store, creates an environment where users could unknowingly install themes that execute harmful commands.

Where to find KDE themes? ›

Themes are stored in:
  • System/Default: /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/
  • User Installed: ~/. local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ (KDE Store Category)

How do I install KDE Plasma themes? ›

Choose the theme in System Settings -> Appearance -> Plasma Style or edit your ~/. config/plasmarc to point to the new theme. This may require restarting Plasma. Carefully check the appearance of all new theme elements.

Why use Gnome over KDE? ›

The GNOME offers a straightforward and intuitive user experience (UX) with an emphasis toward optimizing workflow, while the KDE is intended for experienced users who yearn for flexibility.

Is KDE good for low end PC? ›

If you're on older hardware, KDE Plasma and X11 are probably the safer choice. KDE Plasma because it is more leightweight than Gnome, and X11 because it has been around for longer and supports more older hardware than Wayland.

How do I add apps to KDE? ›

menu editor : you may want to add items to the KDE Menu toolbar. In order to do so select Utilities, Menu Editor. You will see a copy of the KDE Menu toolbar and if you click (or right-click, depending on the case) on it you can add and edit applications as you may wish.

Where is the KDE menu? ›

Start the KDE control center from the main menu or press Alt+F2 and enter kcontrol. Click Desktop > Panels. Click the Menus tab. When the Start menu style is set to KDE, you can define whether you want to see the applications names or the descriptive text (or both) in the main menu.

Is Xfce better than KDE? ›

Xfce is faster than KDE and GNOME. It has a low CPU usage; therefore, it offers the best performance if you intend to run numerous applications simultaneously. After Xfce, the second place goes to KDE as a quicker desktop environment than GNOME.

What is the preferred browser in KDE? ›

The default web browser in Debian's KDE environment is Konqueror. These can be changed to fit your needs. If you prefer a different browser (e.g. Chromium), read below to find out how to change it in your preferred desktop. It is similar to setting DefaultPrograms, but has some specifics.

Is KDE Neon worth it? ›

It's beautiful, fast, and highly configurable. If using KDE Neon stable, you'll want to upgrade as soon as you log in for the first time.

Where are kde themes stored? ›

Pre-installed widgets and themes are stored at /usr/share/plasma/ , while third-party widgets and themes are stored in the user's home directory at ~/. local/share/plasma/ .

How do I remove KDE Plasma themes? ›

How To Remove Global Themes
  1. Click on the Get New Global Themes... button can be filtered to show Installed themes.
  2. From there you can hover over a theme and click the Uninstall button that appears.
Sep 2, 2022

Should I disable compositor KDE? ›

The compositor does nice things like window shadows, animations, transparency, blur, or other effects. But it also reduces fps, adds input lag, and introduces stuttering. That's why you should disable it when running a game. You can verify that composition is disabled, by looking at your desktop effects.

Is KDE Plasma heavier than GNOME? ›

Based on the results from this video, I think we can say that KDE is generally a lighter weight distro in terms of RAM usage. CPU usage is a bit more subjective though it seemed as though KDE apps tended to use a bit more CPU cycles than Gnome apps did.

Is KDE Plasma bloated? ›

KDE is definitely not bloated in any way for the amount of features and capabilities it brings out of the box. Everything you need to get to work is already built in, no extra add-ons or extensions are needed, even for power users.

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