18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (2024)

In this blog post, we'll explore the crème de la crème of Hamburg's culinary world: the best Michelin Star restaurants in Hamburg, from elegant fine dining establishments to innovative dinner spots.

So if you're looking for the best places to dine in Hamburg, check out our picks in this latest guide! 👇

Top Michelin Star Restaurants in Hamburg

Table of Contents

Top Michelin Star Restaurants in Hamburg

Lakeside (Modern Cuisine)

Landhaus Scherrer (Classic Cuisine)

Haerlin (Creative French)

100/200 Kitchen (Creative Cuisine)

Jellyfish Restaurant (Seafood)

Piment (Creative Cuisine)

bianc (Mediterranean Cuisine)

Zur Flottbeker Schmiede





Dining Experience at Michelin Star Restaurants in Hamburg

Conclusion: Michelin Star Hamburg

Lakeside (Modern Cuisine)

At Lakeside, we're captivated by the stunning views of Alster Lake while Chef Julian Stowasser crafts modern dishes that tell a story on each plate. [1]

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (1)

With an impressive selection of wines, we enjoy the backdrop of Hamburg's skyline unfolding before us.

As sailboats glide across the water, we savor exquisite courses that blend tradition with innovation, creating a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Landhaus Scherrer (Classic Cuisine)

We can't help but rave about Landhaus Scherrer's classic cuisine. This place has been wowing locals and visitors in Hamburg with top-notch German cooking since 1978. Their Michelin star shines bright, proving they've got what it takes to keep taste buds dancing year after year.

Nestled in the charming area of Ottensen, Landhaus Scherrer crafts dishes that tell a story of tradition and quality.

Step into their world for an unforgettable contemporary dining experience where each bite is a celebration of Central European flavors – every dish is carefully made to dazzle your senses.

Haerlin (Creative French)

Haerlin lights up Hamburg's dining scene with its two-star glory. Nestled in the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, it's a place where Chef Christoph Rüffer weaves his magic since 2002.

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (2)

Picture this: A five-course tasting menu brimming with regional products and an explosion of playful aromas. It's all about French flair meeting international tastes here, creating dishes that dance between tradition and innovation.

Every visit to Haerlin feels like a new adventure for your taste buds. The atmosphere? Chic yet welcoming.

100/200 Kitchen (Creative Cuisine)

In Hamburg, 100/200 Kitchen stands out as a renowned two-star Michelin restaurant. The establishment prides itself on its open kitchen concept where guests can observe chefs Thomas Imbusch and Sophie Lehmann crafting exquisite dishes. [2]

Their Molteni stove adds an element of spectacle to the dining experience, further enhancing the ambiance and excitement for diners.

Known for their emotional and profound culinary creations, 100/200 Kitchen has garnered praise for leaving a lasting impression on patrons.

Jellyfish Restaurant (Seafood)

Jellyfish restaurant, situated in the fashionable Sternschanze district of Hamburg, earned its first Michelin star in 2018 and prides itself as Germany's top seafood eatery.

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (3)

It offers a splendid array of creative and extraordinary seafood dishes that have garnered comparisons to those from 2 and 3-star Michelin restaurants - well worth the money!

With a small but premium selection of high-quality dishes changing monthly, Jellyfish has solidified its place among Hamburg's top culinary hotspots.

Piment (Creative Cuisine)

Piment, a one-star Michelin restaurant in Hamburg, showcases high-quality cooking with an oriental twist.

The chef, Wahabi Nouri, earned the prestigious Michelin star just a year after opening Piment.

This eatery is renowned for its sophisticated and exciting dining experiences featuring creative cuisine that blends modern cooking techniques with oriental flavors.

With offerings like veal couscous Tajine and dishes described as spicy, hot, and intense in flavor, Piment stands out among the top Michelin-starred restaurants in Hamburg.

bianc (Mediterranean Cuisine)

Bianc, a 2-star MICHELIN restaurant in Hamburg, is an epitome of culinary excellence. Its innovative space concept and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine have garnered stellar reviews.

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (4)

The native Italian restaurant infuses the flavors of the South into its dishes, creating a dining experience that stands out among Hamburg's top-rated restaurants.

Bianc perfectly encapsulates contemporary fine dining with exceptional quality and unmatched culinary expertise.

haebel (Modern Cuisine)

In the bustling St. Pauli neighborhood, you'll find this cozy restaurant with a stylish bistro vibe and an open kitchen.

They keep it simple with two options: veggie or meat. The dishes may seem fancy, but they're straightforward and each one has its own special touch.

The small size of the restaurant adds to the intimate dining experience!

Zeik (Modern Cuisine)

Ranked as a one-star establishment in the 2023 MICHELIN Guide Germany, Zeik offers an innovative dining experience with its modern fine dining concept.

The food was top-notch, beautifully presented, and made with simple yet sophisticated ingredients. It was creatively composed and tasted amazing.

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (5)

They offer only one six-course set menu, either with everything or vegetarian options. They also have a small but excellent selection of wines by the glass!

The staff was fantastic, speaking English and explaining the dishes in a friendly and genuine way, which made the whole experience even better.

The Table (Creative Cuisine)

The Table by Kevin Fehling stands as one of the city's top dining destinations. With three Michelin stars to its name, this establishment offers an exceptional culinary experience overseen by Chef Kevin Fehling. [3]

What sets this restaurant apart is the interactive open kitchen—a central feature highlighting the artistry behind every dish and allowing guests a front-row seat to culinary mastery.

Amidst modern interior aesthetics, diners savor incomparable gourmet sensations crafted by Germany's youngest holder of three Michelin stars.

Bib Gourmand Restaurants in Hamburg

Stocks Restaurant

This restaurant, nestled in a charming half-timbered building with a thatched roof, is a favorite among locals, with a large park just behind it.

I had an excellent salmon tartar and sushi during my visit. If you're a fan of fish and seafood, I highly recommend checking out this spot.

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (6)

While it's on the pricier side, I found the food and service to be good value for money, especially considering the big portions.

Salt & Silver Levante

Salt & Silver Levante is a vibrant urban eatery nestled in the heart of Hamburg's St. Pauli neighborhood, offering a fusion of Latin American and Levantine cuisines.

Whether you're craving fish or meat dishes or are inclined towards vegetarian options, this welcoming restaurant promises an exciting gastronomic adventure.

With its delightful blend of flavors and cultural influences, it's no surprise that this gem has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of food enthusiasts in Hamburg and beyond.

HYGGE Brasserie & Bar

HYGGE Brasserie & Bar has earned its place in the renowned MICHELIN Guide Germany as a Bib Gourmand restaurant.

Located in an upscale neighborhood of Hamburg, this restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with warm wood decor, comfortable seating, and even a fireplace.

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (7)

The chef always has something new to offer, especially with the surprise 3-course menu.

During our visit, my wife and I tried the steak tartare, octopus, and a goat cheese appetizer followed by a salmon dish, and everything was just perfect.

The staff made us feel welcome and well taken care of throughout our evening.

Zur Flottbeker Schmiede

Zur Flottbeker Schmiede is a Bib Gourmand restaurant in Hamburg, highlighted in the 2023 MICHELIN Guide Germany.

This restaurant is actually found in a converted blacksmith building with old-fashioned decor, giving it a lot of charm.

In fact, it's located in a local neighborhood and isn't usually frequented by tourists, however, the staff is really helpful if you need help with reading the menu and getting recommendations.

They serve Portuguese-style tapas with lots of options, but the Pluma Ibérico is especially delicious. It's a good idea to make a reservation since the restaurant is always busy.


Philipps is a small and cozy restaurant that's a bit away from the usual tourist spots. It might not look fancy, but it has stylish decorations and a carefully chosen menu with just a few items, all of them done really well.

I tried the venison and then the lamb, and both were amazing. The venison was incredibly tender, and the lamb was packed with flavor.

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (8)

They didn't have English menus yet, but our waitress was really friendly and helpful. To start, they serve different kinds of bread, and they even gave us a small complimentary appetizer which was delicious.


Forget the typical Japanese menus you find around here – this place takes a fusion approach to create new dishes.

If you're after typical items like California Roll, you won't find them here; they serve authentic Japanese haute cuisine.

Each dish is like a work of art, focusing more on treating your taste buds than filling your stomach. The staff puts a lot of care into preparing the food, just like you'd find in Japan.


This restaurant has three floors and serves delicious food made with fresh, local ingredients that change with the seasons.

The best spot to sit is on the big sun terrace in the courtyard. You can even see the chefs working in the open kitchen, which is pretty cool.

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (9)

Located in the trendy Schanze district, the restaurant has a nice atmosphere, and the service is casual and friendly. Plus, you're definitely in for a tasty meal.


Oechsle, nestled on the corner, is a hidden gem serving up delicious dishes made from fresh, top-notch ingredients in a modern setting.

Their menu blends Mediterranean and classical influences, and they also boast a stellar wine selection at their wine bar.

During the summer, the outdoor tables facing the street are in high demand, adding to the restaurant's allure.

Overall, Oechsle may not catch your eye at first glance, but it's definitely worth a visit for its exceptional food and service.

Dining Experience at Michelin Star Restaurants in Hamburg


Hamburg's Michelin-starred restaurants offer an elegant ambiance, from modern decor to exclusive settings. Haerlin and Jellyfish Restaurant provide refined French elegance and chic coastal-inspired design.

These meticulously designed spaces promise an unforgettable dining experience, with attention to detail in ambiance and exceptional cuisine.


The menus at these Michelin star restaurants in Hamburg showcase a diverse array of culinary delights, from modern and creative cuisines to classic and Mediterranean flavors.

Each restaurant offers a unique selection of signature dishes that tantalize the taste buds, from exclusive menu offerings at The Table to the delectable seafood options at Jellyfish Restaurant.


At Hamburg's Michelin star restaurants, the service is impeccable. Well-trained staff members are knowledgeable about the menu and provide attentive, personalized care to diners. From welcoming guests to offering wine recommendations, the service is professional and enhances the overall dining experience.

In addition to exceptional food, these star-rated establishments offer top-notch service that goes beyond mere efficiency. The sommeliers' expertise in presenting an extensive wine list adds a touch of luxury to the dining experience, ensuring that every aspect of the meal is carefully curated and memorable for patrons.

Signature Dishes

The signature dishes at these top Michelin star restaurants in Hamburg are a testament to the city's diverse culinary scene. From innovative modern cuisine at Lakeside to the creative French delights at Haerlin, each restaurant boasts unique and delectable creations that showcase the chefs' expertise and passion for food.

Whether it's Landhaus Scherrer's classic German dishes or Jellyfish Restaurant's exquisite seafood offerings, every signature dish reflects an extraordinary blend of flavors and presentation, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

At these fine dining establishments, such as 100/200 Kitchen and The Table Kevin Fehling, you can expect signature dishes that push boundaries with their originality and artistry.

From Mediterranean-inspired cuisine at bianc to modern gastronomic delights at haebel, each restaurant offers an array of signature dishes that capture the essence of its culinary philosophy while delighting patrons with unforgettable flavors and textures.

What Sets Michelin Star Restaurants Apart

Michelin star restaurants stand out for their unparalleled quality and creativity. They meticulously craft each dish, paying attention to the smallest detail, resulting in an extraordinary dining experience.

The innovative and unique dishes at these restaurants elevate the art of cooking, setting them apart from others in the culinary world. These establishments continually push boundaries in creating exceptional food that surprises and delights discerning diners with every bite.

The precision and dedication showcased by Michelin-starred restaurants are evident in every aspect, from the quality of ingredients used to the presentation of meals. This commitment to excellence ensures that patrons enjoy not just a meal but an unforgettable journey through flavors and textures that leave a lasting impression.

Quality and creativity of dishes

The dishes at Michelin star restaurants in Hamburg exemplify a perfect balance of quality and creativity. Each plate is meticulously crafted, showcasing the chef's innovative flair while maintaining top-notch standards.

The creative cuisine, whether modern or classic, harmoniously blends flavors and textures to deliver an unforgettable gastronomic experience that captures the essence of the region's culinary excellence.

Using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local sources allows these restaurants to offer a menu that evolves with the changing seasons. This commitment to quality ensures that each dish bursts with vibrant flavors and colors, delighting diners with every bite.

Attention to detail

In Michelin-starred restaurants, attention to detail is paramount. From the arrangement of dishes to the selection of tableware, every aspect reflects precision and care. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen for its quality, flavor, and contribution to the overall harmony of the meal.

The presentation itself is a work of art, showcasing an exquisite balance of colors and textures that delights both the eyes and palate. Every element in these dining experiences is thoughtfully curated to ensure a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas that leave a lasting impression on diners.

The chefs' dedication extends beyond just culinary creativity; it's evident in their commitment to sourcing local produce and creating innovative dishes while honoring traditional flavors.

Unique dining experiences

Discovering Hamburg's Michelin star restaurants offers a range of unique dining experiences. Whether it’s the exclusive modern and creative cuisine at The Table, or the emphasis on regional flavors at Haerlin, each dining spot has its own distinct flair.

Visitors can savor innovative French-international fare at various establishments amidst the city's vibrant cultural landscape.

In addition to fine dining, guests can immerse themselves in Hamburg's rich blend of history, art, entertainment, and gastronomy. This fusion provides a perfect backdrop for experiencing top-tier gourmet delights guaranteed to leave lasting impressions on any discerning food enthusiast.

Conclusion: Michelin Star Hamburg

For an exceptional dining experience that elevates culinary artistry, explore the best Michelin Star restaurants in Hamburg.

These esteemed establishments offer impeccable service and exquisite dishes crafted by top chefs. From elegant fine dining to innovative gastronomy, each restaurant promises a memorable culinary journey.

Whether celebrating a special occasion or indulging in gourmet cuisine, Hamburg's Michelin-starred restaurants deliver unparalleled excellence. Treat yourself to the epitome of culinary sophistication and savor the finest flavors that Hamburg has to offer.


1: The Fontenay Hamburg: Julian Stowasser is the new head chef at the Lakeside restaurant, retrieved from https://www.rollingpin.de/news/the-fontenay-hamburg-julian-stowasser-ist-neuer-kuechenchef-im-restaurant-lakeside

2: “In the JOSEPHINE glasses, the wine can show everything it has to offer”, retrieved from https://us.josephinen.com/blogs/stories/der-wein-zeigt-alles-was-er-hat
3: KEVIN FEHLING, retrieved from https://www.four-magazine.com/chefs/kevin-fehling/

18 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Hamburg [June 2024] (2024)


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Michelin guide director Michael Ellis told Bloomberg, "We've had issues with consistency, and consistency is a huge thing for us ... we've had some very erratic meals [there]." He explained that the major two-star downgrade was a difficult decision to make but the Michelin team felt it was the right thing to do.

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